Into the Sun - by Neil Volz

A book about Washington, and a book about us.

Into the Sun puts a human face on the business of American politics. When Neil Volz moved from small-town Ohio to Capitol Hill he was an idealistic college student. A decade later, he was one of the most powerful men in Washington and a key player in the biggest corruption scandal since Watergate.

A former lobbyist and public official, Volz paints a vivid and disturbing picture of his rise and fall. He ushers the reader in to the clandestine world of Congressional deal making and lets them experience his journey down the slippery slope of corruption. Volz outlines important life lessons he learned from the scandal. He also raises fundamental questions about the role of big money in politics. How does corruption occur? Is it an individual failure? Or the result of a failed political system?

While examining such timely issues, the author describes what it was like to be the target of a Justice Department investigation and how it felt to help put his former boss, a Member of Congress, into jail. Into the Sun is a both personal portrait of hope, loyalty, failure and faith, as well as a larger story about how Washington works - and how it doesn’t.